2019 Musicus Society Chamber Music Festival

Dong-Suk Kang (Artistic Director of MusicAlp Festival in France & Souel Spring Festival),

Lok Ping Chau,  Johnathan Leung, Sebastian Krunnies (Violist from the Berlin Philharmonic),

Trey Lee (Artistic Director of Musicus Society, international renowned cellist)

 2019 Musicus Society Chamber Music Festival

Dorian Xhoxhi (Violinist from the Berlin Philharmonic), Lok Ting Chau, Trey Lee

2018 Musica del Cuore Violin and Piano recital 

Selena Choi (Hong Kong Philharmonic freelance violinist), Lok Ping Chau 

  2019  All Saints'Church Chamber Music Concert

Saxophone Duo Recital with Jean-Yves Fourmeau

Jean-Yves Fourmeau, Saxophone soloist of Berlin Philharmonic and the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra


2018 Music del Cuore

Vocal quartet and piano duo Concert

2018 Fringe Club Woodwind Trio Chamber Music Concert